Musical Hands Performing Arts
Musical Hands Performing Arts


Everything we offer at MHPA is optional and no child or family ever have to take part in any of our productions, exams, medal tests or shows if they do not want to.

Workshops and Summer Schools:

Following many months of zoom workshops, in line with government guidelines, we have now returned to face to face workshops. Our online/zoom workshops included a Hamilton workshop, with a member of the original cast, a Frozen workshop with Princess Anna, a Yoga and mindfulness workshop, School of Rock, The Body Guard, Wicked, SIX, Descendants and more!


Our in person and face to face workshops for the Summer holidays 2021, have included Cheerleading, Musical Theatre, Aerial Hoops and Silks, Professional Ballet, Pointe Masterclass, Fun and Games and many more!

Badges and Certificates:

In our Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Musical Theatre classes we offer the children the opportunity to take and attempt to pass dance badges, within their usual weekly classes. These are then awarded to the children, at the end of the term they were passed.

Medal Performance Awards:

Our annual medal performance awards are where the children perform a dance, song or drama piece, in a costume, to an audience and an external examiner, to achieve a grade, certificate and medal. The last performance awards were in October 2019 and we had a 100% pass rate (107 medals were taken). These are completely optional and no child has to take part - they are all inclusive and are offered to all students and it is their choice (as well as their parents!) whether they wish to take a performance award.

Theatre Shows:

We offer all MHPA students the chance to perform in a whole school production, in a Theatre.


COVID has unfortunately delayed our last show, but we are sure a time will come soon, when we can return to the Theatre and offer the children another opportunity to perform on the stage.


Exams are not compulsory at MHPA. We recognise that some children will not want to take an exam and they can continue to enjoy their dance lessons and move on in their grades, without the pressure or worry of taking an exam.

Other children will be invited to take an exam when they are ready. We currently follow the ISTD syllabus in our core subjects of Ballet, Tap and Modern. 


We support and educate our dance and performing arts students with external auditions for many professional and amateur productions/colleges. We have had children performing in many productions and all have been achieved through a successful audition process. We are however, proud of all students who audition whether successful or not. 

Some of our students have also recently been undertaking virtual or online auditions for performaces, agencies and colleges and we are supporting them with this process, despite not being physically with them.



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