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Karen Foster is the founder of Musical Hands and principal of Musical Hands Performing Arts.


She is a Mother to two girls and was a professional dancer until the birth of her second daughter in 2007. Karen has used her performance experience in the creation and execution of all the baby and toddler classes, which were the initial classes that established Musical Hands, as a Business in Crawley, in 2008.

Please view the 'Teachers' page for further information about Karen (and the other Teachers) and their qualifications etc..

Music, Movement and Signing Classes: (2008 - Current)

The baby, toddler and pre-school music, movement and signing classes are unique to Musical Hands and have been written exclusively by Karen for her Business. There is no other class the same anywhere! The content evolves and progresses as the children get older and the structure and style of the class has been created to capture and enhance the imagination of the children, whilst learning musicality, basic dance and Makaton signing - all in one class!

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga: (2009 & 2010 - Current)

Nine months after establishing the signing classes, Karen enhanced the Musical Hands timetable to also offer baby yoga classes. Just over a year later, baby massage classes were also introduced.

Dance Classes: (2011 & 2012 - Current)

Having trained in dance from the age of 3 and been fortunate enough to work as a professional dancer, Karen finally decided to qualify as a dance teacher and set up one pre-school ballet class, in September 2011. Little did she know then, that this would eventually result in over 20 dance classes, a week, a few years later! Children can now attend ballet, tap, modern jazz, musical theatre, drama, singing, cheerleading & street classes.

Audition Success by the Children:

The older children attending the dance classes are now following in their teacher's footsteps as they have successfully auditioned for juvenile dancers in professional pantomime's and touring West End Productions, over the past 4 years. The oldest children attending classes are still only 14 years old, so this is a big achievement, especially considering most have only been dancing since 2012, at the earliest and some a lot less! 

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like help choosing a class for your child.